~~ M E M O R I E S ~~


Can you enjoy memories?

It may look a weird question , especially for those who can’t live by remembering the past. But sometimes memories, whether they are sad or happy , are the only fresh detail that makes us feel the importance of time.

Can you catch your time before it runs away ?

Of course not !

because we always listen to the echo of the bygone seconds ..

Second by second …

the same sound comes across our senses and steals the wish of eternity. We don’t live forever , and that is why we should enjoy our life and forget about sorrows and tears. These sorrows are a trap that stresses our interest in the empty part of life.

Be the hero of your moment , because time runs out wildly !

Regards .. Zainab Almarzooqy

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The angry voices

more than a month ago, a revolutionary movement took a place in Tunisia.
Thousands of people from different social ranks went to the streets
and organized bloody manifestations that led to tens of victims.
When these movements started, people were joined by a common request
from Ben Ali’s government to improve people’s way of living and to provide
jobless people with guaranteed jobs. Lateron , especially after Ben Ali’s first
speech during these events, things became more complicated, and the angry voices
modified their demands and called for a permanent walkout of this government.
The tone of the second Ben Ali’s speech was more or less kind, in which Ben Ali
promised to provide 300.000 jobs in the next two years and to activate
all the blocked websites such as Youtube and Facebook.
Nevertheless, the anger outside Ben Ali’s castle never calmed down ..
and with the neutral stand of the army forces that was obviously a clear
evidence that the army was with people , Ben Ali decided to take off
and leave Tunisia behind him.
The Same scenario is happening now in Egypt with almost the same
details. the only thing that makes a difference is that Husni Moubarak ,
the persident of Egpyt, hasn’t shown up yet though his country is burning up
with angry voices that ask Mubarak to leave the persidency.
What everyone agrees with is that the Arabic governments tought their people
how to hate being ruled by injust forces .

Written By : Ms. Zainab Almarzooqy

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